Accord’s Launch in the Media

September 11, 2008

With over a week since the launch we are in a good position to survey the coverage that Accord has got so far. We have been very pleased with the quality and quantity of positive coverage across the print and broadcast media and on blogs – please find a selection of it below:

Coverage of the launch included:




  • BBC TV Breakfast – A discussion of the campaign with Coordinator Alex Kennedy and another with Jonathan Bartley of Ekklesia
  • Today Programme – Debate between Mary Bousted of ATL and Catholic commentator Cristina Odone
  • Sky News
  • Premier Christian Radio – interview with Simon Barrow of Ekklesia
  • LBC debate between Jonathan Bartley and Melanie Philips
  • Radio 4 Sunday Programme Interview with Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain
  • Radio 4 News – top headline on morning news bulletins 30/08/09
  • British Satellite News – filmed launch to be syndicated to foreign satellite channels


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