Faith schools enquiry praised

March 11, 2009

Accord has welcomed the government enquiry into faith schools launched by Ed Balls.

The announcement comes after concerns were voiced that some independent faith schools do not prepare children properly for wider society. Accord has previously called for proper regulation, fearing that many children are either kept in ignorance or even misinformed about those of other beliefs.

Accord Chair, Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain said:

“We think that it is vital that all children, whether in the private or state sector, are properly prepared for life in a modern, diverse society.

We welcome the announcement of this investigation and call on the government to go further and set a National Curriculum for Religious Education in state schools. Both as a matter of minimum standards, and for the future harmony of society, faith schools should have to teach their pupils about a wide range of beliefs, not just their own.”

The enquiry follows days after the decision by the Liberal Democrats at their Spring Conference to insist that faith schools prove they are inclusive or loose state-funding.

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