Accord Coalition call upon the National Society to focus on providing education for all

February 18, 2011

The Accord Coalition has called upon the National Society to focus on providing education for its own sake ahead of the Society’s 200 year anniversary celebrations, which will begin this Sunday.

Chair of the Accord Coalition, Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain said ‘the National Society has a long history of involvement in education and seeking to provide education for the disadvantaged. We wish to recognise these achievements, but also urge that it remain rooted in this part of its mission.

‘In 2001 the ‘Way Ahead’ report of the Church Schools Review Group, was published. It was funded by the National Society and the report set out a clear role for Church schools to proselytise, with a duty to “Nourish those of faith; Encourage those of other faiths; Challenge those who have no faith”.

‘Accord believes all state funded schools should be suitable for all children. Rather than encouraging Church schools to instruct in their own beliefs and challenge the non-religious, we believe the National Society should instead focus on its historic and admirable mission of seeking to provide education for its own sake, for pupils of all backgrounds. Schools should be inclusive and tolerant, and that way help create a future society that is inclusive and tolerant.’

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