General Election advice to supporters

May 12, 2017

Accord has been asked by supporters about how they may be able to influence current events. The General Election is a chance to let candidates who want your vote to know why you feel it is wrong for schools to discriminate against children on religious grounds, and right that pupils of different religious and non-religious backgrounds should mix together. Here are some options as to how to make your views known:

1. If candidates knock on your door – or approach you in the High Street – tell them it is one of your priorities. Ask if they think mixing or segregating children better prepares them for wider society.

2.  Attend a local hustings, where candidates standing for election answer questions from local constituents. They are open to the public and often held in local community centres, village or town halls. Go along and ask your candidates if they support your position.

3. You could also write to your local candidates directly, to ask them for their view and to explain why you think schools should not divide children of different backgrounds, but help to be inclusive and integrate pupils from different sections of society. You could write to your local newspapers so that others see your views too.

The Accord office can supply you with contact details for your local newspaper and main General Election candidates. Please send your postcode to

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