Accord welcomes Stephen Terry as its new Chair

February 6, 2018

The Reverend Stephen Terry has today been announced as the Accord Coalition’s new Chair. He becomes Accord’s second Chair following a lifetime of service to the Church of England. A Governor at a succession of community and faith schools for over 35 years, he retired as a Parish Priest last summer after 43 years. Fr Terry has long campaigned for a range of social issues, including for the full inclusion and acceptance of LGBT people both in and outside the Church of England and, among other causes, for more humane end of life care in Britain.

Welcoming his successor, outgoing Accord Chair Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain said ‘I am very pleased Stephen has been appointed as Accord’s Chair. He brings a deep rooted passion for education, ending discrimination and building inclusive communities which stands the organization in very good stead for the future.’

Accepting his appointment, Fr Terry said ‘It is hard to express the debt of gratitude Accord owes to Jonathan. He has made an enormous contribution to the campaign, and I am delighted he will remain actively involved having agreed to serve in a new position as Accord’s President.’

Fr Terry continued ‘I am thrilled to be able to translate my long standing support for Accord through my new public role. I do not fail to be astonished that we still ghettoise children into different schools according to their backgrounds and are failing to provide many with a broad and balanced curriculum. I long for the day when our education system allow individuals and groups to hold firm to traditions by which they seek to live, but that ensures all pupils are provided with an education that best prepares them for adult life in our increasingly diverse society.’

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