British Muslims for Secular Democracy joins Accord

January 11, 2010

The influential Muslim organisation, British Muslims for Secular Democracy (BMSD), has announced that it is joining the Accord Coalition, which encompasses religious and other groups concerned about the way faith schools operate.

BMSD Director, Tehmina Kazi, said:

“Our goals in this area coincide, as BMSD wishes to see more faith schools embrace a broad and objective curriculum that teaches pupils about a variety of religious and non-religious beliefs. It is vital that we embed a culture of respect for these different beliefs, and we are confident that this will equip future generations to succeed in our pluralist and multicultural society. We are delighted to be part of this campaign as it works for more inclusive education.”

Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain, the chair of Accord, welcomed the move :

“Their involvement not only broadens the wide range of members, but also strengthens the campaign at a crucial time. There are increasing public worries about how some faith schools discriminate in terms of admissions or employment and how some can deny their pupils a rounded education about those outside their own faith”.

“With the Equality Bill – which affects faith schools – currently going through Parliament it is vital that all those who care about education ensure that faith schools are not left as a last bastion of institutional discrimination”.

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