August 18, 2010

How your donation will help

The Accord Coalition is able to achieve a lot on a limited budget, but only thanks to the goodwill and commitment of its member groups and supporters, on which it is entirely dependent. In order to continue and expand the work Accord does, it is vital that those who support its aims also support its work by making a donation.

Key wins Accord has achieved since its launch include:

  • a 50% religious discrimination cap in admissions at new faith schools
  • Government climb down on key 2017 General Election pledge to scrap the cap
  • highlighted the problem of religious selection of pupils causing indirect racial discrimination
  • government now publicly acknowledges the importance of ethnic mixing in schools for integration
  • supported attitudinal changes within some faith school providers (but discovered support for inclusive admissions in the Church of England – the largest faith school provider – is not backed by action)
  • provided the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) with evidence to conclude Britain’s teacher discrimination laws are legally flawed, give too little protection to staff and should be replaced
  • maintained pressure so that faith schools must teach about another religion at GCSE, embedding a key principle that faith schools can and should teach about other beliefs
  • supported the making of Relationships and Sex Education becoming compulsory in England in 2020 and in Wales in 2022
  • supported major shift in how schools, including faith schools, tackle bullying and promote the acceptance of lesbian, gay and bisexual people
  • helped end a culture of excessive deference of practices at faith schools by Ofsted
  • Government again requires schools’ contribution towards social cohesion to be an inspection priority
  • provided spokespersons who frequently appear in the media, keeping public debate about the role of religion in education away from divisive stereotypes and focused on how state funded schools should operate in practice
  • analysed and collated research evidence on the way that faith schools operate, helping further lead public debate
  • administered the annual Accord Inclusivity Award for schools, to highlight and spread good practice
  • regularly met with MPs and peers from all mainstream political parties, including Ministers and Shadow Ministers
  • responded to numerous Government and Parliamentary consultations on a wide variety of issues (from how local schools are reorganised, to the promotion of improved integration, to the reform of RE, Collective Worship and Relationships & Sex Education)
  • welcomed a growing number of members and supporters, growing the organisation’s voice further
  • overwhelming public support for key goals maintained

Ways to donate

The best way to donate to Accord is by setting up a standing order. A regular gift, if only a few pounds per month, is more useful than a one off donation as it means we can plan ahead better, with a clearer idea of what income to expect. The standing order form is easy to download, print off and fill in:

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You can also donate by cheque made payable to “Accord Coalition” and be sent to:

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If you have a PayPal account then you can also donate online by clicking the link below:

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