Accord urges UK Government to close illegal school loopholes

December 17, 2019

New findings released by Schools Week have revealed that Ofsted is continuing to maintain its scrutiny of the independent school sector. Since November 2018 Ofsted has issued 158 warning notices to private schools, up from 148 over the preceding thirteen months. Of the 158 notices, 40 were sent to faith schools. In response Accord has urged the Government to close loopholes that are enabling illegally unregistered schools to operate.

Chair of the Accord Coalition, the Reverend Stephen Terry, said ‘It is encouraging that a culture of deference by Ofsted towards faith schools, and especially independent faith schools, has come to an end. A school’s legal status should not come before ensuring it upholds the rights, safety and opportunities of all pupils.’

‘The proper scrutiny of independent schools should not be allowed to incentivise institutions to operate under the radar as an illegally unregistered school. This is currently possible because some educational institutions are able to exploit legal ambiguity of what constitutes a school, or purport to provide extra tuition for home educated children.’

‘In its 2018 integration Green Paper, the Government said it would review Ofsted’s powers in relation to unregistered schools and seek to gain wider acceptance for greater oversight of home educated children. Accord urges the Government to use its majority to follow through on these commitments in a proportionate way, giving public bodies the power to ensure all pupils receive an education that aspires to high standards and is truly inclusive.’

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